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Warwickshire Weight and Wellness is a centre for weight loss and health in Alcester, Warwickshire. A unique and welcoming environment where you can experience a new approach to achieving beneficial changes to your weight and health.

There are so many diet companies and diet products on the market - all offering the answer to your prayers. Almost all of these diets work short term...... but long term diets fail 90% of the time. Life just gets in the way, willpower fails, you end up blaming yourself and weighing more than you did in the first place!

The Weight and Wellness programme is designed to change your relationship with food, learning the steps to regain your energy, vitality, health and achieving your ideal weight. No 'syns', no points, no calorie counting, no quick fix, no magic pill - just sound and up to date information, guidance and support, centred around your individual goals.

For sustained healthy weight you need to address a number of lifestyle factors such as: nutrition, hormonal balance, sleep patterns, previous behaviours, cravings, digestion and gut health, goals, stress, motivation and mind-set, movement and exercise, work and all your family commitments. These effects, and mastery of these factors, will be fully explored in my sessions.

I can help you turn the tables on yo yo dieting and give you the tools to achieve your own lifelong solution. You have the power to change.

So... give me a call on either 01789 765 369 or 07891 099 980 to arrange an initial consultation. Come along and find out how I can help you finally ditch the diet, get healthy and lose that extra weight forever.

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Warwickshire Weight and Wellness Consultancy Room
Warwickshire Weight and Wellness Consultancy Room
Warwickshire Weight and Wellness Consultancy Room
Alcester High Street
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Amanda Austen-Jones:
Weight Loss Consultant

About eight years ago, with mid-life approaching, a history of personal weight issues and a passion for the subject, I decided to dive headlong into the weight loss industry to try and finally crack the secret weight loss code.

I worked with various companies running weight loss groups and offering counselling to both men and women. Following continued research and study I gained industry qualifications including a Level 4 Obesity and Weight Management Diploma.

I now specialise in behaviour change and motivational techniques for weight loss. So, with a continued passion for helping people achieve their own life change I have finally developed the Weight and Wellness Programme and opened a consultancy in Alcester. Now I look forward to hearing your story.

Amanda Austen-Jones

Eat Well, Live Well, Stay Well

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Our Services and Programmes

  • Information session

    Weekday Evenings or Saturday AM

  • One to One Consultations

    Weekday Evenings or Saturday AM
    Or 1-2-1 Skype sessions

  • Couples / Family Consultation

    Weekday Evenings or Saturday AM

  • Group Sessions


Programme sessions

I have developed an effective eight week programme which will be tailored just for you. As well as focusing strategies around what to eat and when you eat it you will also focus on the psychological factors that have caused you to gain weight over time. You will use techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis to help you become aware of how you behave around food and how you can change this behaviour to effect positive changes in your health and weight.

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Sessions include:

• Foods to add and foods to take away
• How sugar and processed carbohydrates affect your body
• Your history around weight loss and previous behaviours around food
• Psychological strategies including CBT and TA
• When to eat for maximum weight loss
• Digestion and gut health
• Sleep, stress and hormone balance
• Goal setting, motivation and mindset
• How to lose weight without feeling deprived or relying on willpower - the way forward